Information from the Board

Periodically there is something of greater importance that the Board wishes to highlight to the congregation. Please continue to check your mailboxes for information from the Board as well as spoken announcements during Sunday morning services, Board minutes, emails and updates on our Facebook page.

  • COVID - 19 (July 10, 2020)

    Dearest Salem Congregation,

    The board has decided to continue the outdoor services until August 30.  If weather forces us to cancel the outdoor service for this Sunday, we will be broadcasting a live message on Facebook and YouTube.  In the following weeks if the weather doesn’t cooperate, a non-attended substitute broadcast will be made available. We will be broadcasting the audio for the service on FM radio.  The radio frequency for the transmitter is 87.9.  In the event of a weather interruption during an outside service, individuals can retreat to their vehicles and listen to the remaining audio portion of the service on FM radio. 

    During outside services we remind everyone of the need to follow social distancing guidelines and be respectful of others by doing so.

    For those who are unable to attend, we will be livestreaming the service on Facebook as we have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic.  

    Thanks again to all those great people that have been putting in extra time to make these outdoor services happen.  

    Salem Christian Fellowship Board

    Just a reminder that if you cannot attend church our service is being live streamed via facebook and youtube.   

  • Now Live Streaming

    for those of you who do not have a Facebook account, you should be able to listen in without one.  Simply go to the Churchs Facebook page:

    You will be prompted to sign in, but you can get around this by clicking "not now" at the bottom of the sign in page:

    Once you click "not now" you should be able to scroll down the page and see the live video.  If you click on the video, it should go Full Screen.

    You can also view our sermon on Youtube: